Episode 9

Published on:

19th Apr, 2024

Episode 8

Published on:

29th Mar, 2024

Episode 7

Published on:

15th Mar, 2024

Episode 6

Published on:

23rd Feb, 2024

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About the Podcast

Music Music Music
The independent music discovery podcast.
Music Music Music is a podcast all about independent music. It has a very straightforward format: three independent artists; three tracks. Join composer Gareth Davies as he shines the spotlight on the music that isn’t backed by labels and publishers. He wants to hear it, play it and help get independent music into people’s ears.

About your host

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Gareth Davies

Composer of music, producer of podcasts. Latest TV series: Toad & Friends (Warner Bros. Discovery). Gareth is also the creator of The Music Room and Podcasting People communities.